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Apr 9, 2020
Hello All,

I am not sure how much water my chickens are drinking. They don't seem to use the nipple waterers. In the picture below you will see our waterer (large blue tub) this is heated for the winter. The three large circles were built for the ducks and there are a few chicken nipples on the side. Can't really see them in the picture. We also have a temporary water jug with water nipples for training. I don't think they are using the nipples. I have tried putting their beaks to it. I have only seen a few chickens drink out of the large holes. I don't know what else to do.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Screenshot_20201207-152824_UniFi Protect.jpg
When I nipple trained, I put them at the nipple and tapped the nipple...quickly and several times. After a few times, they noticed the water and drank. I then would take their head and gently tapped their beak on the nipple a few times. Again they noticed the water and drank. Each time I went to the run, I would do that with each chicken. They eventually caught on.

Seems like the blue water container is kinda hidden or hard to get to. Maybe it's just the picture? Also, how low are the nipples on the blue container. My water is closer to head level, when the chickens are standing.

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