Help with young Drake runner duck

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8 Years
Jun 8, 2015
My Drake is about 4 months old and just reached puberty recently. Noticed when I caught him earlier today that his "junk" is stuck outside the vent. Looks swollen and brown from poo. Cleaned him and dipped his butt in the pond. Anyone have this problem with boy poultry before? What should I do?
I posted a response on another thread.... here is a thread in which I shared what I found in Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks.

The drake can recover if he receives proper treatment.

A good duck vet would be best. In the meantime -
Unfortunately, I am out of work right now. Home remedies will have to do. Poor guy...if nothing else, my sister loves ducks and will keep him as a pet.
I wonder if you put comfrey oil on it if that would help? It's a healing herb. You can make it by soaking comfrey leaves in warm olive oil. I have used comfrey salve on ducks' feet before.
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