Help! Wobbly 5-6 wk standard cochin chick

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9 Years
Sep 11, 2010
Hey there! I have 5 standard cochin chicks and today I noticed one is not standing well. This chick is the biggest "giant" chick I have and is about 5-6 wks old. It has been housed indoors with its hatch mates and a heat lamp and fed medicated chick starter with a little gamebird starter thrown in once or twice a week for extra protein. I also give them fresh grass and timothy hay a few times a week. In the last week, the weather has been very warm and sunny so I put them outside to dig and scratch during the day a few times. These chicks are not vaccinated and I haven't noticed any odd looking poop or off odors from any of them. The chick is still eating and happily pecking away at the greens. Its eyes are bright and so are the beginnings of its wattles.

I am hoping this is not mareks (fingers crossed) as I hate loosing chicks. And I want to ensure that none of the other chicks become infected so I have quarantined this chick to be on the safe side. Should I begin feeding electrolytes? Stop feeding extra protein? Add some hard boiled egg to its diet? Any help would be appreciated!

Give him polyvisol vitamins from the infant dept without iron and I swear after a dose or two he'll be fine. Ive had this with my silkie babies now a few diff times, one was so bad he could barely sit up.The other 2 that had it were not able to walk at all, they would stick a wind out to balance and they were eating to. I don't know what the heck it is but each one after 1 Maybe doses of vitamins they were and are running around, it comes on fast to. I have never fed medicated feed before until now and have never had this prob, kind of makes me wonder. The food was fresh and looked and smelled fine.
Not having any luck finding the polyvisol locally. Any other suggestions out there? I have upped his game bird feed ration and gave him some egg yolk yesterday. I also have some livestock vitamin/electrolyte powder (Durvet) which I started him on last night.

Any help would be appreciated!


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