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Aug 7, 2020
My hen has had a slight limp for the past couple days, nothing too major. But on Sunday she couldn’t stand so I separated her, she got out and made her leg worse. Sunday and Monday she was eating and drinking, tuesday I had to make her drink water but she ate fine. This morning she ate when I put the food in front of her, she won’t hobble too it, and refused to take water. After this I put her back and she feel straight to sleep, she did lay Ana egg this morning but I’m worried about her loosing energy. Since Monday night she has had aspirin in her water, which seemed to do nothing so last night I switched it with durastat.


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Can you get a video of her walking?
How old is she?
Have you checked over her legs/feet (bottom of feet too) for any injury, bumblefoot, etc.?

You're having to make her drink. Make fresh plain water available. She may not like the Aspirin or the oregano. Aspirin should only be given for a couple of days, so if she's been getting that since Monday, then it's time to go off it anyway.

Feel her abdomen below the vent between her legs, is there any bloat or fluid?
Did she seem to be able to walk any better after laying the egg?

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