1. Ocean Flare

    HELP! Quail has infection or something! Not sure

    Hi. I just went in to check on my quail and one who for the past week and a day couldn't walk has a big infection or SOMETHING on her! I thought it was minor since since she had once before hurt her leg but it was fine in a few days. But then I saw slight red coloration on her feathers and cut...
  2. Ocean Flare

    Quail Broken Beak, Non-Stop blood

    She won't stop bleeding now from her beak and she's so small it's so much blood for her and corn starch won't stick and I don't know what to do. She's smearing it everywhere, I think she lost touch blood she sounds like she's having trouble breathing or something I'm not sure. Edit: she laid an...
  3. Ocean Flare


  4. J

    4 six week old ducks attacking eachother

    Hello! Im very new to taking care of ducks, we're not even sure of the genders yet. We just started moving the ducks outside in their coop every once in a while but other than that we've had them in our room with us as it's been cold and rainy lately. Last night we noticed that one of the ducks...
  5. Ocean Flare

    Quail Got Hurt

    Hi! So I just went outside to check on my quail and I found my male's feet were all entangled in string and so I quickly cut it and brought him inside. Heis sitting in my bathroom sink with his feet in the was and the string cut through to his skin. Other than him sometimes holding one foot up...
  6. K

    Duck With Injured Knee-Should I Wrap It?

    Hey Everyone, Long time lurker, new member and poster. I have a duck that I found two days ago limping. The limp was severe and at times she was holding the leg completely up and sticking her wing out for balance. I immediately brought her in and inspected her legs. Her right leg was hot to...
  7. Frosty_2503

    Injured (?) baby chick not using leg and laying on side

    We have a young silkie hatched Feb 23 (now is March 13) and was in with a second one. She is now segregated. One morning (about 5 days ago) I went to check on them and she was laying down on her side and doesn’t want to use one of her legs so she kind of shuffled around and pokes it out on...
  8. S

    Duck with Broken Leg! Help!

    Hi! I have a very sweet 3 year old female Pekin duck who seems to have a broken leg. She can't walk or stand on it at all, but I don't see any bones poking through or bruising. We have a storm here, so I think she may have gotten scared and hurt herself. I can't see or feel any swelling, and...
  9. I

    My baby chick can’t walk

    Hi there, I have a chick that hatched this morning and it can’t walk properly. It appears as though it has a broken left leg or some implication regarding it’s left leg. It’s leg sits out sideways and it appears as though it can’t put any weight on the leg. The chick can limp around but it’s...
  10. C

    Help! Wobbly hen

    My hen has had a slight limp for the past couple days, nothing too major. But on Sunday she couldn’t stand so I separated her, she got out and made her leg worse. Sunday and Monday she was eating and drinking, tuesday I had to make her drink water but she ate fine. This morning she ate when I...
  11. C

    Spider bite?

    Hello everyone, o walked out this morning to see one of my girls laying on the ground, barley able to walk. When I looked closer her thigh was huge, a little smaller than a golf ball and hard. The skin around it was a purple pink color and she had a scab that was yellow. She showed no signs...
  12. Nellixc

    Help! My chicken can’t walk, what to do?!

    I have 8 chickens, all 5 1/2 months old. None have laid and egg yet. Last week my chicken stopped walking - we tried giving her epsom salt baths and she seemed a lil more peppy after each one, but now she lays with her one leg straight out and can’t sit up. Her leg doesn’t appear to be broken...
  13. S

    Large hard growth on belly of RIR, need help asap

    I have a 1.5 year old RIR who a few days ago started acting strange, penguin walking. she had an enlarged belly, it felt hard, almost seemed like there could be two eggs in there. started searching online, her symptoms matched EYP or egg bound. did the bath with epsom salt + gave her calcium...
  14. Abbkayx

    Limping Chicken

    Hi all, I have this black sexlink... one our favorite girls - Amelia. She is about 2 years old and quite high up on the pecking order. She started limping yesterday, so we brought her in - gave her a little spa day, bath, towel dry, etc. We looked her over really well - no signs of bumble, no...
  15. I

    Chicken hurt foot

    About 2 weeks ago my 5 month old chicken hurt her leg, I don’t know how but I found her limping around. Since then I’ve isolated her from the other, been giving her aspirin, and spraying her leg with anti septic spray. However she does not seem to be getting better she stopped laying her eggs...
  16. QuailFeather

    Quail not walking, help!

    I have a female Golden Manchurian Coturnix Quail who is not walking and laying on her back. First then she got stuck in the cloth wire on my cage a few hours ago. She had a big poop/dirt clump on her right foot and after I freed her she seemed to be walking around fine. But now when I went out...
  17. Quacking ducks

    Is something wrong with my duck?

    Hi, my duck Stormy is Picked on a lot by my drake ducks. The last couple days I have noticed when I pick her up, that she has a bump on her chest or on her spine. I’ve never noticed it there before. Is something wrong with her? is there something I need to do? the red on the second picture is...
  18. A

    What is wrong with my cock??

    My cock suddenly got this on his eye. What is it and what could i do about it? He didnt have this before but my roosters have been fighting recently.
  19. Chickens are really cute

    Baby chick with a hole in her stomach?

    We recently got a few Ameraucana chicks (currently around 4 days old.) We noticed how of these chicks was reluctant to move and stood away from the group. We brought her inside and discovered she had spraddle leg! When we were trying to put the hobbles on her legs I noticed how she had a bloated...
  20. A

    Black spots in duck foot, please help!!

    Hey guys. I have a Pekin Duck that’s 5 weeks old he hasn’t been able to walk very well and we figured it was a niacin deficiency so we started adding niacin to his diet. Just today I was getting him out to let him go for a swim and noticed 2 black dots on the top of his foot. I’ve looked it up...
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