1. HuskerHens18

    Injured Hen Won't Eat

    Long story short, last week a raccoon killed my flock of bantams. Two survivors were injured. The one I'm calling Glory for right now had her head chomped on. Her whole face was a grotesque, mauled mass of blood and meat. Her beak was off center and her tongue hung out. I've done everything I...
  2. HuskerHens18

    Sick or Hurt Hen

    My Isa is my baby. It was a shock to go outside today and find her unable to stand, last night at about 11pm she was perfectly fine. I found no injuries, but she sometimes squeezes her eyes shut like she's in pain. She keeps her legs tucked underneath of her. If I make her stand normally, she...
  3. FathertoFeathers

    Please help! My Ducks hurt!!

    Earlier today while I was gone my dog got loose and killed two ducks and injured one pretty badly. She's bleeding from her hip area and I found what looked like a puncture wound but it was hard to tell. I cleaned it out with hydrogen peroxide and put on prescription strength antibiotic ointment...
  4. FathertoFeathers

    Help!! My duck is hurt!

    Earlier today while I was at school my dog attacked the ducks. They are all fine and don't have any cuts or punctures of any kind but Im very worried about my Pekin Emperor. He is limping pretty badly and looks like he's having trouble moving it. I checked and it didn't look or feel like...
  5. Marrionna

    Can wry neck caused by trauma be cured?

    I have a polish rooster that ended up fighting with the other rooster recently and one roo just has plucked feathers off his head making him just look very funny but he’s fine. The other however has developed what I believe to be wry neck. He doesn’t act like he’s in pain although when he gets...
  6. Marrionna

    Severe Head injury. I can see her skull :(

    I have a couple of chickens I added to a coop during the night and I woke up to a very terribly hurt hen and the rooster fighting the others. He is hurt as well just not to the extreme. The hen(grey/black) head is very nasty and I can see her skull. It’s A large area that looks bad and I can see...
  7. S

    Help! What's wrong with my goose?

    Yesterday my goose was perfectly normal. Today I got home from work and she seems to have a very crooked neck. What's wrong with her, and what do I do?
  8. rascal66

    Hen with dead looking wattle?

    I have this hen that I received about a month and a half ago. Today I noticed one of her wattles looks sort of bad. Maybe bruised? I did introduce her to the flock a few days ago, but it doesn't seem fresh. Never seen this before, not even on the other hens that were introduced. Thoughts?
  9. Aliamelody

    Duck with swollen legs-please Help!

    My duck is a boy and a year old. He had a series of foot problems His legs were crooked when he was a baby. We didn't know why. But she ran and played, so there was no problem. A few months ago he suffered a long swell of one of his legs I tried human calcium, vitamin Ad3 But it didn't work, and...
  10. L

    My chickens ran away1

    I have 3 18 week old chickens. Something (predator) scared them in their coop night before. I think they got beaks caught in hardware cloth. All bloody and very subdued in morning. I let them out as usual. They come when called. I’m on 2 acres free range all day. They did not come in last night...
  11. Chef JimmyJ

    Two Ladies Hurt...Can't figure out Whodunit!

    Last week we moved 9, 2 Cockerels and 7 Pullets, all 14 weeks old, to the new Coop after dark. Day one no issues. Day two found one of the Jersey Giant Pullets missing a 2x2 patch of feathers right side of her tail and bottom. The skin was torn and bloody. We cleaned her up and applied Wound...
  12. Sacri

    not bumblefoot? Sprain? Treatment??

    I just lost one of my babies to sour crop so I really want to make sure I take care of this one! She is limping, not putting weight on her left foot. It is a bit swollen though there is no clear wound. I'm assuming this is bumble foot? I soaked her foot for 15 mns in epsom salts and then...
  13. Nats Chickens

    Hurt and possibly stressed guinea pig!

    My guinea pig Timtam has spurs growing on her feet. I was cutting one off, all good. I cut the other off, and as I am doing it she pulls back her leg and tears the skin. She is bleeding but not much. I put her with some towels for a floor and hideys in the laundry sink with some food. I am...
  14. Ansleigh

    Need help with a duck..

    I have a duck that has been limping for a couple days, I took her in and isolated her from the rest of the flock.. she was a able to stand on one leg but today she was only laying down. Nothing is visibly wrong that I can tell.. could a rooster do this from trying to mount her? Anything I should...
  15. ZoomuKeeper

    6 week old Brahmas picking on the smaller brahma

    I have 6 week old brahma chicks Buff to be exact. The most docile of the brahmas. 3 of them are picking on the smallest, and I do mean picking on him/her. Poor baby has a bloody back and wings. I removed the baby and put him/her in my infirmary. I have to keep the animal away until it heals...
  16. H

    Help! Failed Re-Integration into Flock, Hen Badly Hurt!

    Ok, so if anyone read my previous post a few months back one of my Leghorn hens wasn't feeling too well and I asked for advice and took her to the vet. She recuperated and was in better health at last and then came the real challenge: reintroducing her into the flock. It's been a back and...
  17. madisonboe


    When I went out to check on my chickens one of the hens was laying on the ground almost wedges into the corner, couldn’t see her head. I was sure she had died so my fiancé went into the run to get her but when he went to pick her up she made a noise. She’s still alive!! I lifted her up and...
  18. SniperGoose

    Goose with hurt leg

    I went outside around 45 minutes ago to go lock up my chickens, ducks, and geese. However, I didn't see my geese anywhere in the fence. I locked up everyone else, and then I seen the geese over near the far end of the fence. My female, Sniper, was laying down, and my gander was watching over...
  19. Chippychick123

    Scratched eye

    i believe my chicken may have either got her eyes pecked at or she scratched them, I’ve isolated her so she doesn’t get picked on, Ive been giving her electrolyte water by syringe what about food? She doesn’t seem to be able to see the food I put out for her, is there a way to make her take...
  20. M

    Injured Chicken

    Today, midday, two small gray, unidentified mammals got in, killed one chicken, and gravely injured the other. I gave the injured chicken a shot of corticoid and it's been almost 6 hours and she's still alive and breathing steadily, although laying down on her side with her eyes closed...
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