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Jun 5, 2011
Hi I am new to hens and have only had my two girls a couple of months. They have been totally free-ranging around the garden/driveway all day for the last week. Today I noticed that one of them had what looked like a stone in the corner of her beak. I picked her up and my husband gently removed it from the very corner of her beak but it was a hard lump of pus and there is a swelling there. It is right at the corner of her beak - looks like it might be on the inside of her mouth. Like on her cheek. She is laying and she is running and pecking around and no discharge from eyes or nose. What is it? Will she be okay?
I have no idea what it could be but this will help you get back where others with this type of experience can help..

could it possibly be canker?
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Hi, thanks for your reply. (I am in Ireland - so different time zone!!). I dont know if its cancker. I looks like a small abscess on the side of her mouth. It is swollen. She isnt showing any other signs of sickness - bright as a button. Beautiful bright red comb - I may ring the lady I got her from - see if she knows....I hope she is okay - I only have the two.....

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