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    Dec 23, 2015
    Please help! Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

    My poor RIR rooster is very sick I think. His comb has been bleeding and I think he has lost a lot of blood. When my husband went down this morning to check on our flock everyone seemed ok. Tonight he went back down to give them some more fresh water (we live in Nova Scotia and the water freezes this time of year so we put fresh water in twice daily to ensure they are staying hydrated), he noticed that our Rooster, Merlin, was not very lively, he was sitting on the floor instead of perched on his roost and his comb was covered in blood. He came up to get me and told me to go take a look that he thinks there was something wrong. When I went to check on him, he wasn't moving. Usually he greets me at the door but instead he was just sitting there with his head down and wouldn't even look up at me. I rushed to the house and went straight to this forum for advice. What I found out was that he more than likely has a frost bitten comb and it needed to be attended to immediately. I went back down with some towels, got into the coop and wrapped him up...he didn't even budge or make a hint of a sound. (He would normally be freaking out if I tried to cover him with a towel. He always lets me pet him but is super protective of his ladies and lets everyone know that he is the top cock of that coop!). I brought him into the house and the first thing I noticed was that his feathers were covered in blood...right from the top of his head to his tail feathers. We took some warm water and washed him up. Managed to get the bleeding stopped and then gave his comb a good dose of Vaseline to help heal it up. Now that the bleeding has stopped and he is in a warm and save "hospital pen" in our basement with towels and fresh water I'm nervous that he has lost too much blood. He is not moving...won't even stand up, his breathing seems laboured and when I go check on him he just sits there and looks at me me mommy, I'm so sick!

    Can someone please give me some advice/tips on how to get this poor boy back on his feet? I feel terrible and just want him better! Thanks so much in advance!
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Hi, I'm certainly no expert on the issue described, but what i do know is that giving him vitamin supplements / electrolytes in his water and helping him drink will help give his body a boost.

    All the best
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    I would put electrolytes in his water. He could be getting picked on by the other chickens, which would attribute to the blood on his feathers. I hope your boy gets better.
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    Keep him warm and inside if you can. He may be in shock.
    In a pinch, if you don't have any vitamins/electrolytes you could try a little sugar water administered with an eye dropper.
    Once he has recovered a bit, check him over well to make sure that he has no other injuries beside the comb. Is it possible that he could have been attacked? Look for any puncture wounds etc.

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