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    May 24, 2015
    So I know this is a chicken website but I mean does anyone have cats? Cats are cool. Lol my cat came in yesterday with some nasty puncture wounds and I wanted to ask if anyone knows what this could be from and what I could do for it? [​IMG]
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    Treat it with some antiseptic to prevent infection. If it is a bite wound, then keep an eye on it, and consider a vet, for possible rabies . I'm not here to scare you, just inform you. Raccoons are the most common carriers in the US. If your cat has had rabies shots. You are pretty safe then. If the bite is from a rabid animal, then your cat will die. That is how the rabies vaccine works. The disease is not spread. (unless there have been changes, this is how it was before)
    Other things to consider as to causing the injury, are..... Someones malicious intent. Injury caused by accidental falling or getting caught in a fence. Fighting other cats territorially.
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    It does look suspiciously like a bite wound, but it is impossible to tell for sure through a computer screen.

    I would recommend bringing the cat to a vet. Is he current on his rabies shot?

    If the vet determines it is a bite wound, They can treat him with antibiotics. Those kind of wounds have a tendency to get infected and can cause some pretty serious abscesses to form. The infections can often get so bad that they spread to the underlying bone. It's best to take care of them before it gets to that point.

    If the vet determines it is not a bite wound, they will offer you the appropriate treatment options, which may be similar to bite wound treatment.
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