1. Hi there, we are new to the chicken world! We recently brought home six, 5 month old gals. Within a week, we noticed some diarrhea and what appeared to be bloody stool. We were advised to give them Corid 9.6%, 1 1/2 tsp per gallon of fresh water daily, which we did for 5 days. All girls appear to be fine, haven't lost weight that we can see, fresh water and food that is off the ground is disappearing daily, they do hang out in the coop a bit, but I could attribute that to the cold weather? We are still noticing bloody stool! Culling seems to be a little difficult without installing security cameras in their coop. Do I continue with the Corid or is this something entirely else? Any new ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

    I had taken a picture to show but can't seem to figure how to attach, if even able to. Best way to describe the bloody stool is: instead of a white cap, it's a pink to medium red capped stool. We are seeing firmer stool, instead of so much diarrhea as well.
  2. Omgoodness, thank you! Some Safeguard is my next step tomorrow morning! :)

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