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    My chicken ginger was laying in the coop, not roosting like the others were. I picked her up and put her up on top, but she just later there. After a few seconds, she tried to eat poop. I then picked her up and brought her to show my family. We were around her, but it was kind of dark, so when I shined a light on her, we were surprised. Her mouth had a foamy substance not overwhelming, but still clouding up her mouth. She didn't want to drink water, and when I have her yogurt it dropped out of her mouth. Please help. I tried to put her back with the flock to comfort her, but she was wobbly, and obsessed with trying to eat poop. Again, please help.
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    Sorry you are having troubles. Maybe if you ask the mods they can move your post to the Emergencies section of the forum. There are a lot of helpful people there who can hopefully give you some answers.
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    Agreed. Maybe do a search for "sour crop" in the meantime.

    Good luck
  4. What have you been feeding her? Chickens can not process dairy products so do not feed her the yogurt..A probiotic needs to be fed for good gut health and only if they have stomach issues....These things can be prevented if Chickens are fed the proper diets......Over feeding treats and scratch grains can cause many unneeded problems in Chickens.....
    If sour crop? Massage her crop and give her water.....Do not change her feed....

    Too much info will be relayed back....


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