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    Alright so or little flock has been through a lot lately, in the past month we have gone from 10 birds to 8. We lost one hen to our neighbors dog and a few days ago I think a hawk got one of our bantams ( just a poof of feathers in the middle of the yard )...

    Now we have another problem, I think our 2 ducks have now kicked one of our roosters out of the coop ( they were tag teaming him last night ... like a ultimate fighting match ) .. I have also noticed that the last several nights this particular Roo hasn't been sleeping in the coop and has been wandering closer to the house squawking more.

    What do I do??? I am concerned because we are in Utah and the temps are dropping below freezing this week and we are supposed to have a few snow storms. I moved him into the barn tonight, but he can get out through the stalls. HELP!!!

    The only thing I can think of is making a stuffed roasted duck with wild rice and a raspberry reduction. But I would rather not.

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    What is your rooster to hen ratio? You mention more than one rooster, and with only eight chickens can't have very many hens. It's possible the other rooster(s) kicked him out and he in turn tried to pick on the ducks for a place in the coop, which didn't work.

    I advise getting rid of the roo, or getting more hens. If the ducks continue I think you should put them in a separate place, unless you don't have the space/don't want to.

    Also, you mention the rooster is squawking more. Is he hurt or sick? You should look over his body for any injuries. Hope your flock problems are solved soon!
  3. In a lot of cases, Ducks and Chickens do not mix.....My Ducks hate my Chickens....They are not housed or penned together......You mentioned a stall....Put the Ducks in the stall......They will be fine.....


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