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Apr 6, 2016
been trying to get rid of mites and they seem to be still losing feathers can anyone give me some tips also have week old chicks and momma hen has mites to is it safe to dust her?
I have sprayed my hens with bug killers while they were raising chicks, (I use liquid) it should be fine as long as you give her 5 minutes after powdering, so that it can settle on her a little bit
You can put rosemary mint thyme and/or basil, lavender, lemon grass or lemon balm tansy, wormwood, hyssop any combination of these herbs in nest box and dust bath with a bit of DE...rub her legs down with coconut oil. And as far as dusting her with chicks, I do not know so hopefully someone else can chime in on that. If you have any marigolds growing throw the petals in nest box...they're in chrysanthemum family which is one of plants used for making pyrethrins

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