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    Feb 26, 2018
    Hello I have three chicks (15 days old Rhode island red)
    And 1 rooster (6 Month old Bantam).
    When the rooster finds food it makes a "chic chic" sound, which attracts the chicks into trying to get out of the brooders.(I have 1 of the chicks separate because it's aggressive towards the other chicks)
    Does this mean the rooster will take care of the chicks?
    Also would the rooster stop the chicks from fighting?.

    The chicks are 15 day old rhode island red females.
    And the rooster is a 6 month old Bantam,
    Also here's a picture of the rooster,
    And can anyone please tell me what breed the rooster is?
    Because All I know that it's a bantam rooster

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    Mar 20, 2018
    I’m still new as well but I can tell you that my rooster takes good care of my hens. If they holler for any reason, fighting or scared of something, then he comes running. He won’t put up with hens fighting but usually it’s because they are figuring out the pecking order. Could be that chick wants to rule the roost.

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