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Mar 16, 2018
1st chick finally came out of his shell!! I don’t know how long ago but I’m pretty sure it’s only been a few hours

The chick must have kicked off the water dish lid and was laying down on his back and looked like he was squished next to another egg (head bent and stuff)

My mother in law opened the incubator to replace the lid and move the other egg to give him more space to move

Now it’s a few hours later and he’s still laying on his back stuck!

He seems frantic

At first he was breathing heavy and stuck on his back and I feared he was dying

Now I see he probably flew out of his shell so fast that he flew clear across the incubator lol

Should I assist? Can I hurt him if I wash my hands and flip him on his feet?

Here is pics and videos


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Try not to panic too much. Gently open the bator, put him the right way up and close the lid again. It shouldn't hurt him.

Comgratulations on your chick :woot

Thank you!!
SO before any responses here, he eventually flipped himself over and started stumbling around the incubator.

He fell a number of other times, each time either laying on his back kicking around for awhile until he popped himself back over, or was able to roll himself back over rather quickly.

He keeps knocking the lid to our water tray off. I am afraid he will fall in and drown. We tried thinking of ways to solve this. I thought of crazy gluing it closed, but we all the glue was dried up. Didn't want to weight the lid with something, as I foresee the chick knocking it down and hurting the other eggs.

I am now at work, but watching my chick on a live stream.

He has been stuck on his back for the last 20 minutes or so (I don't know how long he was on his back before then)

Should I run home and flip him?

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