Jun 26, 2018
hi, I'm going to do this as fast as I can please respond ASAP! my duck looks like she has a blister on her right toe. it's on the side and its filled with puss. my husband thinks its a staph infection. please respond!! I will post pics tomorrow. I'm wondering if she broke something but I've never broken something so I'm wondering if broken bones swell up like this. it's like a balloon on her right toe and my husband gently felt is and it was squishy. the responses i need are:
1) what is it
2) how to cure
3) can I cure
4) medicine and supplies if it can be cured
5) will she die
6) does she need to go to a vet
7) how long can i wait
her personality has not changed. I will post pictures tomorrow as soon as possible. does it sound like a staph infection?
It does sound like a staph infection also known as, stapylococcus. It is usually a infection in a wound generally caused by a splinter or cut. The procedure for this infection is using antibiotics as a treatment or grape place extract as a feed additive.
It sounds like common bumblefoot to me? If that's the case: Your bird is not going to die, yes you can treat it, probably won't need a vet, different folks use different methods to treat it.
ok. thank you, guys. oh i hope she doesn't die!! if it is staph infection/bumblefoot, can i get it too?
staph infection and Bumblefoot are almost very different things.. I guess the pictures will make you guys decide what it is. If its staph infection, I hope she doesn't die!

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