Apr 22, 2017
Northeastern Ohio
Yesterday I noticed one of my hens was chilling alone in the coop. She had pooped and although the color was normal, it looked like maybe some grass was in it. Just now, I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom, and noticed she slept outside all night! She is wet (it rained) and her comb is darker in color, almost like purplish. She turned 4 in the spring. Is she dying? I don't have a vet around here that does chickens. I have no clue what to do. She won't move. Old age? Help please!
You said she was wet. I would take her in, get her dried, and give her a good inspection. Most things that chickens get do not pass to other animals, but a few can.
Okay. When I picked her up she kind of made a weird noise like a wheeze or something. The weather here (northeast ohio) has been up down up down lately. I put water in there and offered her a blade of grass with water. No interest.


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You can blow her dry after toweling her dry to warm her up. She could be ill from just about anything. Once she is dry, place her in a basket or dog crate in a warm spot, on an old towel or puppuy pad. At her age, it may be a reproductive disorder or a crop problem. Look her over for lice and mites, and get her drinking some electrolytes. If she was not moving around much yesterday, and stayed out all night chilling in the rain, she may be dehydrated. Feel of her crop to see if it is empty, full, hard or puffy. Does she normally lay eggs? Tell us what her droppings look like. Is she heavy or has she lost weight? Check her lower abdomen for swelling or fluid which could be ascites.
Her last dropping that I noticed was normal in color, a bit stringy like there's grass in it. If what I was feeling was her crop, it felt hard? She also seems thin, as her bone in front was pretty prominent. I am going to catch another like her and see how prominent the bone is.

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