Jan 20, 2020
Port Hope Simpson (Labrador), NL
Nope but getting it back in after is good. Anyway he can be with them but no mating right now?
I highly doubt it, hes only 4 months old and I would imagine he has a very active sex drive lol. We have him out around the house almost all day long, only thing is he hates my cat! Chases him around, trying to bite him. It's kinda comical because the cat use to stalk and pick on them when they were ducklings, I guess Charlie never forgot that. He don't mind the dogs though lol

Miss Lydia

Drakes are Awesome
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Oct 3, 2009
Mountains of Western N.C.
I honestly haven’t seen my drakes penis pop out when they poop. But I am not always watching either. I do know at towards end of summer last year I noticed my 3 yr old Runner drake took longer to get his back in after mating which caused me to keep a closer eye on him. He was mating with 6 females daily and I think he was getting worn out.

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