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Mar 16, 2009
im planning on getting a couple lil chicks here soon:D and need to build a coop before they get here!! (we cant have lil chicks running around now can we?!
) sooo i would love to hear sugestions from anyone with great ideas!! i am most likely going to turn a shed/overhang that comes off of our barn into one, but im not sure how big and what is unessessary.
...i will only have 5 at the most.
it will start with 5, then 5 more, then 5 more, next thing you know you will have to biuld 2nd coop. good luck on keeping it to 5
we have too help the chickens take over the world!!!!! build big william
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Well at first you will just need a box and heat lamp til they feather out. The coop will then be needed when they are bigger, about 5-6 weeks if its warm enough is when I put mine outside. You could turn the over hang into a coop and with 5 chickens it would have to be about 20 square foot or 4X5. The best guide is 4 ft per bird. I would go bigger you can never stop at 5 believe me. Are they going to have a run or free range? Alot to think about but don't get discouraged. Good luck, I love my chickens!
well hopefully i can just do 5. but thats what im wondering how do i do the whole free range thing. i dont want them to get eating
That is the hard part about free range, and it really depends on where you live and how close your neigbors are. I have lost 3 chickens while free ranging. I have a run on my coop, but free range during the warm months during the day. My chickens were all over 4=3 months old before I let the free range, I would try searching the topic and researching to figure out what would work best for you.

This will answer alot of your questions.

You need to do some homework before you get your babies. I'm getting 5 next week and I have my brooder almost ready. And for the safety of your chickens please make sure they are in a well built coop and run. There is a lot of info, have fun looking around.

Oh and Welcome to BYC
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