9 Years
Oct 20, 2010
I have six jumbo pekin ducklings right now they will be 1 week on tuesday at 7 am. I've noticed that all the ducklings have big bald spots that go the entire legnth of their neck on the right side. I had mallards before and never seen this happen. I'm worried that something is wrong. If you know or think you know whats happening please reply ASAP!
I recently had a Pekin duckling that lost the down from half its head and neck. - It looked kind of strange from when it hatched- so I wasnt surprised when I saw the down had fallen out. I dont know why it happened with that one. I also had a duckling about a year ago- that was playing with the heat lamp- and ended up with a few balding areas- but nothing like the size of what you have described.
Being that it is all of the ducklings and all in the same place it is unlikely it is from them nibbling on each other- Nor does it sound like lice or parasites. Its too early for them to be loosing it as they grow their first feathers..Sorry I couldnt be of more help- its hard to know without a few more details.

What are you feeding them- and what kind of bedding are you using?

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