Wow, I bet you get every floor ever put in a coop as a response on this one. There are advantages and disadvantages to them all I'm sure. Think about your coop size and design, the breed (s) and number of chickens going to be in there, if you will use litter on the floor what it will be and then pick whichever style will be easiest for you to clean.

Generally it seems these are the most popular:

Do be careful if you choose wire, as if they have to spend a lot of time on it, it can damage their feet. Now wire over a droppings pit is a good idea and can make clean up easier.
I have a dirt floor and use hay for my guineas. They loved it because during the winter they could bury themselves in it for warmth and they ate the alfalfa out of it for greens.

For my new chickens though, my husband is building me a coop with wood floor but I'll continue to use hay since it worked so well for the guineas.

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