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Aug 18, 2008
El Sobrante
Came home from 2 days gone and found my female banty with a swollen abdomen and sitting in an upright position. Please help! She seems to be skin and bones now. Could not feel any egg and she did poop. What can I do??????
could be egg bound, give her a warm bath for 20-30 minutes and put some lub around her vent like olive oil. you may have to repeat the baths several times the warm water will help to relax her abdominal muscles so she can pass the egg. you should move her to a darken area to help prevent her from forming another egg. when she is dry you can place her on a warm heating pad too. good luck
I took her into my vet and she died while I was there. She had a soft-shelled egg inside her and was full of peritonitis. There was also fluid throughout her whole body. Thanks for your responses. I am just heartsick.
Poor dear - so sad

So sorry to hear this.
Thanks for all your kind wishes. Out of all my chickens (17), she was my baby and the one who would always sit on my lap and want to be held. Never thought I could get so attached to a chicken, but I sure did. She was one of a kind. Sweet Pea was her name and sweet she was. Thanks again.


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