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  1. Beaky Buzzard

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    My bantum hen has white discarge around her vent. I have heard of a pasty vent, but I don't what it is. Can it be fixed? I wash it every 3 to 5 days. She is fine other than that. This all started after she was egg bound. Any advice would be great!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Tanichca

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    May 6, 2009
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    Maybe she was overbred by a roo, that can cause white pasty stuff, i hear.
    Bump so that someone smarter can give you a better answer.
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    Dec 10, 2009
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    the only thing that comes to my mind is vent gleet. Here is a link to a thread with more information The thread also talks about the possibility of leaking egg white from a broken egg inside the hen. I have no experience with either of these, so I'm just passing this along. Good luck to you.

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