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I have a friend who wants pet turkeys. She has/had Broad breasted Bronze, one got so big its legs broke and weighed in at 62 pounds the other one lost weight but is still really big. What would be a good pet turkey that does not get as big and good around kids, Male or female? I was thinking Midget white or Royal palm. She wants them as pets only not for eating, she is going to slaughter her other turkey soon. I feel bad, she just loves her turkeys.
She is thinking of getting a Bourbon Red.
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I Had a bourbon red he wasent friendly but i got him from a lady who never messed with him and he was full grown when i got him but for an untame tom he was calmer then i expected so that could be a good choise but iam now getting a Royal Palm who has been kept as a pet his whole life and is very friendly so that is an option too. Good Luck finding her new friend.
fingers crossed he will be nice.
I was gave an rp hen about 2 months ago, I don't think that she was handled much before me. But she is nice, lets me or the kids pick her up and pet her. She doesn't follow me around like my mixed tom, but I think that's due to how they were raised. Shes under 20lbs from my best guess, and can fly above my head. Hope this helps, good luck.
How old are the kids? I had some bourbon reds and midget whites and had to be careful around them that they didn't peck the big blue marbles that are my eyes. My turkeys were very curious, and pecked (hard) at everything -- freckles, moles, rings, eyeballs, toenails, buttons, zippers...
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It takes work to get one to be a good pet. You need to start when the are small by handling then and giving them lots of attention.
Females make better pets then males, males make better guard birds.
I think all breeds of turkeys can make great pets. The friendliest of the ones we have are out BBW's but seeing as she's looking to get a pet, I'd say just to get the one she think looks the prettiest. The younger she gets them the better. I have a Blue Palm hen who I got when she was about a week old (I'm guessing she was still mostly fuzz),she is really tiny (only about 8lbs or so) and she is very friendly. Thing is with turkeys is they are so curious and most are likely to peck at anything shiny, mine try to grab my class ring all the time and usually get my hand instead. -_- I think the hens tend to be more curious and outgoing. But they also seem more likely to bite too. I have never been bitten by our toms (we have 4) although they really enjoy strutting and gobbling constantly. They follow us around the yard (as well as any guests we get), but when we go to reach for them they tend to back away more than the hens (with the exception of my BBW tom and even he does it sometimes). So there are pros and cons to both in my opinion. Our turkeys are all pets too. ;3
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What is a BBW (I don't know much about turkeys) ?She had two toms before, should she get two more or will they fight? I herd that having a male & female the hens will be protective over eggs and the males will be mean.

Thanks so much for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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