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6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Help! I have adopted a chick around four weeks ago from a cal-ranch in Flagstaff, AZ. The chick was is rough shape when first getting him. Both his legs do not work well (he still manages to get around) he is not bleeding and has a healthy appetite. We are feeding him non medicated food- he has a heat lamp and we hold him everyday for 35-60 min a day everything has been going good except for two things:1. He isn't growing fast ( he also has a lack of feathers on his wings but his legs and feet are covered in feathers) 2. He is getting lonely and depressed. We just adopted a duckling but have had to separate them because the duck was bullying our chick. We went back to CAL-Ranch, traded for another duck- came home same problem. We once again went bak asked for more advice and the workers told us to get another healthy chick. However I have read that healthy chicks will bully unhealthy or handicap chicks... Any advice ? Thanks


8 Years
Jul 21, 2011
Live Oak, FL
Chickens are just doing chicken things. They have to establish the pecking order. If you can keep them for a while so they can see each other. That will make their bonding easier but they will still establish a pecking order.

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