6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
Gloucester Virginia
My daughter has a 6 week old bantam. Yesterday we noticed she was just laying around. This morning she kept acting as if she was choking. We checked inside her mouth and it looks as is she has thick yellow mucus in her throat. What can we do to help her? She won't drink or eat. Thanks in advance!
It sounds like antibiotics are a must if she has a chance to make it. I'm a fan of Tylan 50 injections or there's Terramycin which may help, its a tetracycline and can be given orally. Also its crucial to get some fluids in her, I would try encouraging her to at least drink with a dropper. Squeeze out a small drop and run in along side her beak. If necessary you could force feed her with the dropper, just be sure not to aspirate her. I would mix some electrolytes in the water you give her as well. Both Tylan and Terramycin should be available at your local farm stores.
I'm not sure if you have other chicks, but over crowding can cause respiratory illnesses. Also, what kind of bedding is she on? Pine shavings are best. Some other types of bedding can cause respiratory problems. And definitely make sure she's warm enough :) tylan will be in the cattle section, just fyi.
If this were my chick, I would go with the tylan 50 injections. Injections will be more fast acting. Also, if she's already having this much trouble breathing and not drinking on her own, trying to force terramycin down her orally could choke her completely.
We have pine shavings. She isn't doing the choking part at the moment, but she is extremely weak. Normally she runs Fromm daughter but she is allowing her to hold her. I'm getting ready to run to the store. Thanks

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