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7 Years
Jun 17, 2012
HELP!! My ISA Lucy was sleepy yesterday!! But when I would talk to her she would walk around and eat. I came home tonight to find her laying in the run not moving. I picked her up and she has very runny diarrhea. She is very limp and it seems like she is paralyzed.
She cannot hold her neck up. Her eyes are shut. She will turn her head and face towards me though. I tried to give her some water she sticks her tongue out a bit.
She has not laid an egg in months but she has never moulted. I checked to see if she was egg bound, I don't feel anything from the outside unless it is very high up.
Can someone help me??
I have 5 other chickens and they are all fine so far.
It dosesn't sound very good for her to survive. She may have coccidiosis or some other life threatening disease. You cantake a rubber glove, lubricate a finger, and insert it 1-1 1/2 inches into her vent to gently feel for a stuck egg. If you can start her on Corid tomorrow 2 tsp liquid per 1 gallon water for 5-7 days, it might help if it is coccidiosis. Right now she needs fluid and electrolytes. Pedialyte, gatorade, powerade, anything like that will do. You can syringe or dropper feed it to her.

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