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    May 29, 2013
    One of my buff orpingtons laid eggs for about two weeks and stopped. Today she has been going to her nesting box and a few other places with tall grass, tries to get comfy, and gets up after a minute or two, only to look for another place. Does this sound like she's egg bound? Please advise.
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    She sounds more like she's broody than egg bound, plus the Buff Orpington breed is known to get broody (mine got broody every spring and summer). Broody hens will fluff up their feathers and get comfy on their nest, if your hen is changing nests so often she's probably not very serious about being broody. In a few weeks or days she should be back to normal. Broody might not eat, they will appear look fluffed up, and walk around strangely clucking, so a broody hen does have similar symptoms as an egg bound hen. Here's a link that will help: and :)
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