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    Jul 11, 2013
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    i am very worried about the icicles dangling down off my crested ducks. can this hurt them? i have placed them in the insulated coop for an hour now and will see if they will melt off. i am a new duck owner and was wondering if i should be worried. all answers will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    Is the icicles from rain or snow or them playing in water? shouldn't hurt them although you may want to take away pools when you know the temps are going to drop below freezing. making sure they have access to a building where they can get out of the elements especially at night. I keep my coops doors open all daylight hrs and mine still prefer to be outside.
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    I keep all the doors open all the time too, most often I find my ducks outside. This is why I like the igloo dog houses, when the doorways are positioned just so, the ducks are more likely to go in. Altho no guarantee that they will. Just now I found 12 ducks crammed into a 20 sq ft house with the empty barn stall and the empty igloo. Go figure. I don't think I've ever seen actual icicles on them tho. Hopefully you'll get a warm up tomorrow.
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