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    Hi im new to hatching chicks and I was wondering how long I should leave my chick in the incubator. It hatched at 6am this morning so please help me. Shes very vocal and active. [​IMG]
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    Well generally you are going to leave her in there until the hatch is over. If you open the incubator you can introduce a large blast of cool, low humidity air which will often shrink wrap the other chicks in their shells. Her crying will encourage the others to keep try to get out of their shells and often times the first chick out will even help the others out.

    From the picture it looks as if you already took her out.

    She'll need to have warm temps in a brooder for 3 weeks until she is feathered out.

    There are many threads here for how to brood a chick and how to hatch them.
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    Okay thanks

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