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Jul 11, 2013
My Coop
My Coop
They first pipped about 24 hours ago and they still haven't started circling around the shell. I am worried about them. They all are alive. my temperatures at 99.5 my humidity is it 75% when will they start encircling? I have chipped some of the membrane and the shell off with tweezers. They are making sounds and I can see one of the Duck beak please help.
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this one i pulled shell of off. He pipped from the wrong end so i flipped him over. He is moving his beak around
I really don't like to help ducklings hatch, and I'm not a hatcher. I just let them do what they do and let their mom raise them. Ducklings take a really long time to hatch, I think more like up to 48 hrs.
It can take a longgggg time for ducks to hatch. Sometimes two to three days after external pipping. I'd give them more
Time until you start intervening.

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