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    OKay, I've asked before (not sure if it was on this forum). I want to hatch eggs. I am in north central FL. My hens are 2 EEs for sure and 5 I'm not sure of. I got them last year during the Chick Days at a local farm supply store. They are pretty regular with laying. I'm not sure if they are ready to sit on eggs now. But I want to try. I was thinking of trying to incubate them, but I don't have an incubator at the moment. Yesterday I left 6 eggs out in the nest boxes. I numbered them and left them in the boxes they were laid. Should I bring them in the house? Can I just use a shipping box to put them in? How should I go about this? I tried leaving eggs in the boxes a week or two ago...but on day 7 I candled them and didn't see any sign of the veins. Should I just wait until I can get an incubator?
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    What happens is a chicken may decide to sit on the eggs. When she does, she only leaves the nest for a few minutes each day. Your eggs may have been fertilized, but if she wasn't sitting on them most of the time, they aren't going to hatch. You can make a simple incubator for a little work and $20-$30 depending on what stuff you already have. Look up DIY incubators on here, or PM me and I will tell you how I built mine.
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