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    Sep 9, 2016
    I only had 2 eggs left in the bator, a buff and a cream legbar. I could hear the cream legbar chirping, so I put him back in. The buff I couldn't hear, he hadn't pipped thru the air sac, and I couldn't detect any movement. This morning I opened the top of egg carefully to find he was for sure a quitter.

    On to the Cream Legbar. I candled him this morning and found movement was very slow. No more chirping. I had decided to intervene.

    I started at the top and carefully pipped and sipped him. He came out just fine. Everything was still wet. I believe he was just too big of a chic to hatch himself?

    Now he is back in the bator. He's breathing, but not really moving much. In hindsight - I learned if I suspect something, intervene earlier. I just hope it wasn't at this little guys expense. Anyone have dealt with with a late intervention and had the chick survive?

    I can't chalk this up as a failure. Being a hands on hatcher/incubator has REALLY taught me soooo much! And I put it ALL in a journal. Everyday. So now I have a hatching journal I can refer to.

    Thanks for the help and advice. Sure hope this little guys survives!

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