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    I know this isnt all of them, but heres a list that may be helpful to some people.
    I'll add more as I get the time

    Belt Hatchery-Located in California (Chickens only)
    *Minimum order of 25 chicks

    Berges Hatchery-located in Canada (chickens,turkeys, geese and ducks)
    *Only ships in Canada

    B&D Game Farm -Located in Oklahoma ( Quail,Pheasants,Chukars,Indian Red Junglefowl & guineas)
    *Goslings are shipped in amounts of 8,15 and 25
    *Ducklings are shipped in amounts of 15,30,and 60
    *Chicks are shipped in amounts of 25, 50 and 100
    *Poults are shipped in amounts of 15,20, and 30
    *Guineas are shipped 15+
    *Junglefowl are shipped 12+

    Blue Poultry-Located in Missouri (Blue Laced Red Wyandottes & Coronation Sussex)
    *minimum order on day old chicks is 15

    Boggy Bottoms Bantams-Located in Georgia (focus on 20+ colors of d'anver and bantams in phoenix, sumatra, bc white polish, silkies, houdans, crevecoeur)
    *no min on eggs shipped Priority
    *day old bantams, min 20 shipped express only
    *day old turkeys and duck min 10
    *day old peafowl min 8

    Cackle Hatchery-located in Missouri. Has over 181 Breeds (chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, geese, and game birds)
    *Minimum Order- Total of 15 chicks
    * Cant ship to Virginia*
    *No shipping to Hawaii
    *Florida only allows the White Pekin to be shipped

    Canadian Pheasant Company-located in Canada (pheasants)

    Central Hatchery-Located in Nebraska (Chickens)
    *50 chick minimum

    Chick Hatchery-Located in Michigan (chickens-Specialists in Ameraucanas)
    * A minimum of 25 chicks

    CM Game Bird Farm and Hatchery -Located in Maine (Chickens,guineas, turkeys,quail,chukars & pheasants)
    *25 chick minimum
    *50 minimum on: Northern Bobwhite Quail Chicks,Valley Quail Chicks,Gambel Quail Chicks,Chukar Partridge Chicks, Hungarian Partridge Chicks & Ringneck Pheasant Chicks
    *100 Jumbo Bobwhite Quail Chicks,Jumbo Brown Quail Chicks,Texas A&M Quail Chicks

    Country coop chickens-Located in North Carolina ( light Brahmas,Red Jungle Fowl,Thai gamefowl ,Seramas & Welsummers)

    Country Hatchery-Located in Oklahoma (Chickens,Turkeys,Ducks/Muscovies,Geese,Guinea Keets,Game Birds and Peafowl)
    Minimum for shipping
    *6 Ducklings,
    *8 Turkeys
    *10 Guineas
    *4 Goslings
    *15 Chicks

    Dark Eggs-located in California (chickens- brown egg layers & blue egg layers)
    *25 chick minimum

    Decorah Hatchery-Located in Iowa. ( chickens,ducks,guineas & turkeys )
    * 25 chick minimum

    Dogwood Acres Waterfowl-Located in Tennessee ( chickens, plus over 100+ varieties of waterfowl)
    *Not updated since 2006

    Double R Supply-Located in (Chickens,ducks,geese, turkeys & guineas)

    Eagle Nest Poultry -Located in Ohio (chickens,ducks,geese & Peafowl,turkeys)

    eFowl-Located in Colorado (Ducks, chickens,geese,peafowl & guineas)
    *Chicks-15 minimum
    *Bantams- 25 chick minimum
    *Ducklings- 4 minimum
    *Goslings-2 minimum
    *Poults-15 minimum (can be added with chicks)
    *Chukar Partridge -sold in packages of 15 birds
    *Ringneck Pheasant-sold in packages of 30 birds
    *Bobwhite Quail-sold in packs of 50 birds

    Estes Hatchery-located in Missouri. (chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, geese, and game birds)

    Funky Feathers Fancy Poultry Farm-located in Maryland (Bantam Splash Cochins Bantam Mille Fleur Cochin project & Butterscotch Call Ducks)
    * Cant ship to Virginia*

    Funny Farm Hatchery-Located in Oklahoma (chickens,ducks,guineas,button quails, turkeys,geese & peafowl)

    Green Fire Farms-Located in Florida (Chickens & cotton-patch-geese)

    Guinea Farm Hatchery -Located in Iowa ( guineas,peafowl and swans)

    Healthy Chicks And More-located in Ohio (chickens, ducks, turkeys and gamebirds)

    Heartland Hatchery-Located in Missouri (chickens,turkeys,ducks, geese and guineas)

    Hoffman Hatchery-Located in Pennsylvania (chickens,geese,ducks,turkeys,guineas and gamebirds)

    Holderread Waterfowl -Located in Oregon (ducks & geese)
    *Minimum order of 4 goslings
    *Minimum order of 10 ducklings
    *No Minimum order on adults

    Hoovers Hatchery- Located in Iowa. (Chickens, ducks, geese,turkeys, pheasants,peafowl and guineas)

    Hopkins' Alternative Livestock -located in Ohio (peafowl, rhea,geese, cranes,swans,ducks & pheasants)

    Howell's Exotic Waterfowl-Located in Oklahoma(ducks, geese & swans)

    Ideal Poultry-Located in Texas (chickens,ducks, chukar, turkeys & Guineas)

    J.M. Hatchery-Located in Pennsylvania (Freedom Ranger Broilers,French Guineas, White Muscovy & White Bantam Silkies)

    Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm & Hatchery- Located in Kentucky(quail,pheasants and chukars)

    Larrys Poultry-Located in Colorado (chickens, gamebirds,guineas,turkeys & geese)

    Leon Valley Trading Co. Hatchery-Located in Texas (chickens, Pheasants, Quails & Chukars

    MacFarlane Pheasants -Located in Wisconsin (pheasants)

    Marti Poultry Farm-Located in Missouri (chickens,Ducks & Guineas)

    McMurray Hatchery-located in Iowa (chickens,turkeys,ducks, geese, gamebirds, juvenile birds,Peafowl and guineas)

    Metzer Farms-Located in California (ducks, geese,guineas and gamebirds)

    Meyer Hatchery-Located in Ohio (chickens,turkeys, ducks, game birds, peafowl, geese and Juveniles)

    Moyer Chicks- located in Pennsylvania. Has 3 breeds(Cornish Cross,Brown Egg Layer & White Leghorn)

    Mt. Healthy-located in Ohio (Chickens,ducks,turkeys and gamebirds)

    My Pet Chicken-Located in Conneticut? (chickens)

    Murano Hatchery-Located in Pennsylvania ( Guineas in 6 colors, Silkies, French black Copper Marans & Mille fluer d'Uccles.)

    Myer's Poultry

    Oakwood Game Farm-Located in Minnesota (pheasants & chukars)

    Peaceable Hill's Pheasant Chicks Farm -Located in Vermont(ringneck pheasants)

    Pea Ridge Gamebird Hatchery-Located in Missouri. (pheasants, quail,mallards, exotic pheasants)

    Privett Hatchery-Located in New Mexico( Chickens,ducks, geese,guineas,turkeys)

    Purely Poultry -Located in Wisconsin . Has over 200 breeds. (chickens,ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, peafowl, gamebird pheasants, ornamental pheasants, chukars & quail)
    *Guinea Keets-15
    *Turkeys - Domestic-15
    *Turkeys - Wild-10
    *Pheasants - Gamebirds-50
    *Pheasants - Ornamental-25
    *Wild Waterfowl-1

    Quail Valley Hatchery-Located in Idaho (Chickens & Turkeys )

    Randal Burkey Co- Located in Texas (Chickens, gamebirds,waterfowl, turkeys, guineas,Peafow,Ornamental Pheasants)

    Ridgway Hatchery-Located in Ohio ( chickens, ducks,tukeys, geese,guineas and gamebirds)

    Rochester Hatchery-Located in Canada (chickens, pheasants & turkeys)

    Rock-n'-Cedar-Located in Oklahoma(Peafowl & chickens)

    Sand Hill Preservation -Located in Iowa (Chickens,geese, ducks,guineas & turkeys)

    Schlecht Hatchery -Located in Iowa (Chickens & ducks)

    Sunnyside Hatchery -Located in Wisconsin (chickens,turkeys,geese & ducks)

    Sun Ray Chicks Hatchery-Located in Iowa ( Chickens,turkeys,ducks,geese & guineas)

    Stromberg's Chicks-Located in Minnesota (Chickens, gamebirds,waterfowl,turkeys, Peafowl, guineas,pigeons, doves and quail)

    Topisaw Creek Quail Farm -Located in Mississippi(Coturnix Quail only)

    Taylor Hobby Farms - Located in Georgia (French Black Copper Marans,Blue/Splash/Black Jersey Giants,Dark Brahmas,Lavender Orpingtons,Ameraucanas/Easter Eggers & White Leghorns)

    Townline Hatchery-Located in Michigan (Chickens,ducks, geese,turkeys, pheasants and guineas)
    *25 - Chicks
    *15 - Turkey Poulets
    *15 - Ducklings
    *30 - Pheasants
    *8 - Goslings

    Wadley Quail Farm-located in Georgia (quail)

    Welp Hatchery-located in Iowa. (chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, geese, and game birds)
    *Bantams Minimum Order-30
    *Ducklings Minimum Order-15
    *Pheasants Minimum Order-35
    *Turkeys Minimum Order-15
    *Goslings Minimum Order-10
    *Chicks Minimum Order-25
    *Guineas Minimum Order-30
    *Chukar Partridge Minimum Order-50

    X-Treme Game Birds & Poultry- Located in ? (chickens,turkeys,geese,ducks,guineas & gamebirds) Drop Ships
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    very helpful! THANKS!
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    Yes, thank you so much [​IMG]
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    I was hoping this would be helpful to someone [​IMG]
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    What about sandhill preservation
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    Apr 9, 2007
  7. NewHopePoultry

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I added some more hatcheries
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    nature's hatchery
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    This is a great list! Maybe it could become a "sticky?" [​IMG]
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    I agree! Sticky it!
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