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Dec 12, 2020
I have 2 duck eggs in the incubator that mean a lot to me, the last of the batch of fertile eggs from our drake that sadly met his end with a fox. I don't wanna lose these two

They have both pipped around 12 hours ago. One had started zipping when I went to bed but hours later I woke up expecting a duckling and still no joy.
I got the coconut oil and tweezers and pulled some of the shell away and it was chirping and looking like it was breathing deeply which I assume is still ingesting. There was a secondary membrane a little further around down past the air bubble membrane that had blood vessels so I've moistened it all with oil and left it to do it's thing. Do I need to keep assisting now or will she be ok now that some of the hard work had been done for her . I started to help a little because the other thread I read they should've hatched within the hour of starting to zip.
Thanks for your advice.
Thank you.
The article literally says zipping shouldn't take an hour or more.
Confusing to know wether to help or not. Will go to bed

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