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Jul 13, 2020
it’s my first time raising ducks and they have layed like a dozen eggs how do i know if they are fertilised, like it’s december so i don’t think they are but i want to be sure and what do i do i’d they are


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The eggs may be fertilized. This time of year, however, none of my runner drakes is showing any interest in the girls so any eggs would likely not be fertile. But, my girls also quit laying some weeks ago.

If you aren't interested in hatching out ducklings -- and if your female hasn't been setting on those eggs -- you can always just eat them. Fertilized duck eggs are okay to eat. Just keep gathering her eggs every day so she doesn't have a chance to go broody and make winter babies -- although I don't think that's going to happen.

While I think more ducks is always better, as long as your drake doesn't overbreed your girl -- mine actually bleed from the back of the head from being mounted so often -- you can probably get by with two ducks.
Hi! I just incubated and hatched my first set of ducklings!! For one: I suggest the Nurture Right 360 for your first incubator. It works WONDERS for me. It turns the eggs for you on a schedule. Ducks need 28-31 days to incubate in my experience. I can offer you a few helpful forums that I read from this site that really helped me through.
Another thing you’ll wanna do is candle them. Go into a very dark room with a flashlight and turn the egg on its side. Then put the flashlight under it so that the light shines into the egg.
It took me a while to get downpat, but when you turn the egg (I turn it back and forth so that I can see the yolk moving), you should either see a spot attached to the yolk when it moves or a darker spot towards the middle of the yolk. Thats how you know theyre fertile!
While you look for an incubator, you can set the eggs. I was able to set my eggs out for a full week while the incubator was delivered and I hatched two healthy ducklings!
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