Hen #2 Hatched out 20 Eggs!!!


11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southern California
sUPER awsome isn't it? Wow!
EVERY SINGLE EGG hatched too! Geesh. Haha
But thats it...not more egg sitting for 3 months at least. Let the moms rest now. Haha

- Tommy

The chicks are still too tiny and the weather is like, super cloudy today so I didn't want to take pictures. I only like sunny pictures so perhaps I will have a chance tomorrow when the weather is better!


- Tommy
* Omgosh!! Are you serious?? Has anybody checked with the Guiness World Record people, yet, to find out most eggs hatched by a chicken hen?? Where these eggs regular-size?? ~:eek:
Wow! What breed is the hen? I saw your other post about a broody hen and 18 chicks. That is awesome! I am going to breed my chicks, but they are only 4 days old
. Oh well, for now it is something I look forward to.
Congrats Tommy,
My Gold Phoenix is sitting on 13 assorted eggs right now and the first 7 are due to hatch on Tuesday (3 more days). If I remember correctly at least 5 of them are phoenix, 2 delaware mixes, and the rest are RIR but I don't know who the lucky roo was that sired them so I will have to wait and see what they look like after they hatch. I am hoping that the Phoenix eggs are pure and that the standard sized roos didn't get with my 2 silver and 1 gold hens. I have a gold roo and 1 gold hen and 2 silver hens for my Phoenix. I saw a half gold half silver Phoenix about a month ago and it looked so cool so I'm hoping at least 1 comes out looking like that one did.

Can't wait to see your pics.

Hey Tommy,
I've been on vacation for the last 10 days or so. I only got 4 of those Phoenix eggs to hatch. Looks like 2 are all gold 1 is half gold half silver and the other 1 is still up in the air. I got 5 sex links out of the delaware/RIR cross, 2 white (roos) and 3 brown (pullets) another 1 is all black with some brown lacing around it's neck. RIR hen and Austraorp roo were the parents. I just got back yesterday afternoon and I noticed one of those little white ones is missing. We let them free range and I think the neighbors dogs are my biggest culprit on my missing chickens. I have seen a fox that just got a mouth full of feathers but that RIR got away. 1 was a pure RIR but it disappeared a while ago too. Only 1 of those 13 eggs didn't hatch.


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