Hen Abandoning Chicks?

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Time off? give them time.. maybe they'll come back...? r they abandoning them totally? did they hatch the eggs or are they surrogates...? Need more information...what kind of enclosure...?? different variable could cause anything.
Idk... really. I have a broody that I thought would really enjoy the chicks...? and she still may... but the container is not right... for my birds..the hen is not comfortable. I will fix that tonight and try again to introduce her to them. I have also found.. all by trial and error of course.. that only a broody will show interest in raising the chicks... I mean the others are curious? but to get all feather ruffled about messing with them.. seems a broody does best. But it has to be the right atomoshere. Not too small a space, and preferably wire on at tleast one side.. and the hen has to be able to get away but still be contained. What I do know is once you find the right mix... it is soo cool to watch and hear the bigger birds teaching the chicks.... and when its time to bed down? all the little heads sticking out of the feathers is glorious!!

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