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    Oct 13, 2012
    I have a hen that is 7 months old. At the beginning of the week she started laying on an egg, I finally took it from her after 48 hours (she was being a little nasty), she then took over the golf ball for 48 hours that I used in the nesting boxes to train them to go to the box. I took that away from her 24 hours ago. She still won't leave the nesting box. So it has been 5 days. I don't know if she has eaten or drinken. She looks healthy. After we moved her she eventually got up and moved around and then went back into the coop into a different nesting box. She is ticked off though. I have had 2 other eggs this week that look transparent, but I couldn't tell you if these were from her. I find them out of the nesting box. After we moved her tonight, she looks like she expelled a big blop of white stuff, possibly with a soft shell in it, it stunk really bad. What do you think is wrong with her? thanks for your help

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    [​IMG] What you are describing is typical broody behavior. The 'big blob' that she expelled is the oft mentioned broody poop with it's distinctive foul odor. Isolating her from the nest boxes in a wire bottomed cage for a period of time (days not hours) will generally 'break' her broodiness.
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    Oct 13, 2012
    1st time at this, when you say wire cage. do you have any size recommendations
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    Hi i am new at this too, My maggie had been in the nesting box for about four days, she was laying on eggs, not sure how many because when i came home from work she had moved boxes, so the others could have laid there after. She was in the othre box for two days, she was quite aggressive when i went near her. i have a wire dog cage so i took the plastic bottom out and placed her in there over night. When i got home from work the following evening she was jumping around wanting to come out. I let the other girls out and opened the cage, making sure she did not jump straight into the nesting box. She went straight into the garden with the othrers, still making noises but mixing with the others. That night i chanced putting her back with the other girls and she was fine. It can take a few days in the cage as its to cool them down. I have 7 hens and have only been getting between 5 and 2 eggs a day so i am not sure if she is laying again, but, she is happy. Good luck :) ps i am from UK

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