hen acting hurt again....help!!!

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  1. wendy

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    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    i got my hen better and now she is acting hurt again. i don't know if it is getting out of the nesting box and landing on the ground or getting down from the roost or a combination of them both that re-injured her.
    we bought ours a four months old.
    i have a book that talks about spraddle-legged chicks and salvaging them with band=aids an talks about it is better to prevent than cured. could this be she had this when she was a baby chick? it does not say what the long term affects are if not fully cured and they live to get older.

    any ideas would be grateful......
  2. Poison Ivy

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    May 2, 2007
    Naples, Florida
    I had one that was limping pretty bad a few weeks ago. She was a cuckoo maran and 7 weeks old. She was limping so bad I don't think she was able to eat or drink anything for a day or two. I took her in the house and confined her to a crate for 4/5 days. I let her loose in the bathroom to she how she walked and she was fine. So that night I put her back out with the other girls. So far she is fine now I did see her limp the other day when she was running. But then she doesn't do it when she walks. I'm just keeping a eye on her everyday to see how it go. You may want to crate her for a few days and then let her back out. She may have jumped out of nest and landed wrong and her leg is sore. Keeping her from walking a around alot may give her time to heal up. Good Luck
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    How high are your nest boxes and roosts? I keep my roosts low and nest boxes on the ground. Large birds can easily hurt their feet jumping down. Have you checked her foot pad to make sure it is not infected?
  4. wendy

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    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    Quote:i checked her feet, i read about different diseases and it seems fine. my husband put up the roost and nesting boxes, i would have to measure them. but we went by a expereinced person who wrote a book and has the heights in there and diseases too. she doesn't seem to have any disease. and she is eating, drinking, laying eggs, eyes are clear, feathers look good, no runny nose.
    i have her in a small kennel but not as small as poisonivy said she has her maran in. i also gave her vitamin and electrolytes in her water again and cut open a vitamin e capsule and gave her a baby asprin yesterday. i am giving her there regular feed of laying pellets plus fruits and some vegetables.

    i want my husband to lower at least one nesting box and roost. i am thinking that is part of the problem.
    i can get the measurement if you need exact, but i know they are more than a foot and half for the lowest roost and the nesting boxes come up about waist level and i am 5'7. what do you think? lower? is this what caused the injury to return?
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