hen and duck attacked by foxes

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    Hi, I'm pretty sure our flock was attacked by foxes yesterday, we have lost 2 hens (found the places with the feathers) and 1 Isa Brown hen was attacked, and our drake (who thinks he is the rooster) is limping. The Isa Brown I found sitting in the middle of the paddock amongst some feathers (hers), and not moving or answering our call yesterday afternoon, and the Drake was in the Chook (hen) house already, but not walking very well. They have both made it through the night, which I wans't sure would happen, but are still shaken up. The IB is breathing through her bum, and is very quiet, she has some patches of missing feathers, but seams to be walking OK, she even still laid this morning! I can't see any open wounds or blood anywhere on her, but I think her wing might be hurt. The Drake looks fine, but is limping when he walks and is unstable on his feet.
    I can't afford to take them to the vet, so does anyone have any ideas what I should be looking for, or how best to treat them in this condition. I have left them with what is left of the flock (2 other IB, both fine) for now, knowing that the Drake would pine for his friend if I took him away, as would she.
    Any help greatly appreciated,

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    I would think if your birds were victimized by foxes, you would see more than a loss of feathers.
    Any visible cuts or teeth marks?
    Too many affected birds at one time to sound like a hawk.

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