hen and me hatchoff--part 2 DILEMMA

Silkie Sue

13 Years
Jun 23, 2007
Sarnia, Ontario
short story long...
Set eggs in incubator.same day Silkie started sitting
Eggs hatched yesterday except for 1 still under hen.probably hatched by now...i will look in a couple minutes...
i have the 2 incubator hatchlings in a brooder in my spare bedroom... i was gonna wait until all the eggs hatched under the hen and sneak my 2 under her tonite...
here's my dilemma.....
my DH said " why don't you bring the hen the rest of the babies in??"
my hen is in the barn and it is 24 degrees F here
there is a heat lamp on low above her nest .
Any suggestions
i would like all the chicks together with the hen
would they be better off in the barn or in the house?
please tell me???
you have a great point...
she has 3 chicks under her now and she could easily handle 2 more....
like i said there is a heat lamp over her on low...
she has not gotten off the nest since they started hatching as i put her water and food near her so she doesn't have to move
it is her first time and i guess my faith in her is not 100% even though she has not disappointed me so far...
am i just being over worried???
Gosh thats a hard one! You have to let her try but then you hate to lose the chicks......she will be less stressed if not moved........? I would leave her where she is, Happy with her babes. There have been posts about broodies hatching during the harshest weather.

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