Hen attacked by bob cat, screwed up neck

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    My chickens were free-ranging the other day and a bob cat snuck into the yard and attacked. My little Java hen ran back into the run to escape. Bad idea, the cat actually ran into the run. I ran out to an upstairs patio to see him in there with her. I screamed, he ran out with only feathers in his mouth.By the time I got down to the yard, I could not see my little hen in the run.

    My husband said, "he got her." But I was sure I only saw feathers in his mouth when he ran away.

    I did find her a few minutes later up in the Mesquite bosque. I picked her up, and examined her, but saw not cuts, gashes, scratches or anything and she was walking okay but seemed pretty stunned. I put her back into the run with the other chickens and locked everything up. But the next day, she still looked pretty stunned and was very lethargic. She ate very little I offered and I had to give her water in a turkey baster. Today she was worse so I thought I better make her a little box and bring her inside my office while I worked. She is eating much better, and I found a eye dropper to give her water and milk. She's even pooped okay.

    But there is something wrong with her neck and her wishbone seems to be higher than it should. She can't extend her neck very much and can only turn it a little. She tries to preen without much luck.

    But like I said, she is eating okay, although I have to hold the food up because she has problems moving her neck. Can you do chiropractic therapy with a chicken? Maybe she is just sore. But she seems all hunched up. Anybody have this happen?[​IMG]
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    She sounds very lucky to have survived the attack. She could be hunched up due to a neck or back injury, but chickens hunch up like that when they feel bad. I wouldn't do any therapy, since you could do more damage. Chickens don't tolerate dairy products well, so instead of milk, I would wet her feed down with electrolyte/vitamin water. There is also KayTee baby bird feed that you can buy. A piece of aquarium tubing and a 35 or 60 ml syringe can be fashioned into a tube feeding or crop feeding device. Here is a link with info: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/805728/go-team-tube-feeding

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