hen attacked by coon PLEASE HELP

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    May 22, 2009
    I had posted something under a weasel attack tread because that's what I thought at first... I honestly don't know what got my girls but whatever it was had to climb over 7 feet to get into the coop.
    I lost 1 one night, partially eaten, and one the second night with another injured. This is the girl I need help with. It happened about a week and a half ago.

    We have since named her Hope.

    THE PROBLEM is getting her to eat! how the heck am I supposed to get a chicken to open her mouth????

    This is what I happened today.
    I tried some nutri-drench, ended up putting some on her mouth hoping she would open up but she never did. She got a few drops at best.
    I tried cooked oatmeal, she wouldn’t even try it when I was outside with her. I did leave it out but it’s unclear whether she ate any.
    I went out with a piece of bread. That got her interest! And she really tried! But it’s too hard for her to eat : (
    She will take a piece but then can’t move her head or mouth or whatever the right way to get it down. Then she just closes her eyes again : (
    I tried an egg yolk. She wouldn’t take it from me or the bowl so I put that in the container I am keeping her in with her while I cut some grass. It LOOKS like she was trying to eat it but most of it is still in the bowl.

    She DID drink some water.

    HOW do I get her to open her mouth and force feed her or help her??

    I took this pic tonight. You can see the wound. See how she has her head turned? That is how she is most of the time.
    She CAN turn her head the other way, and keep it straight, and she does walk around some but mostly she sleeps standing up with her head turned like that, tucked into her body.

    My heart is breaking because I don't know what to do for her :`( and I am 100% broke until next week so the vet or meds are not possible.

    Her poo is green.. was super foamy a couple days ago.


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    Jan 8, 2011
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    I made a smoothies for my injured bird when he wouldn't eat. I mixed gatoraid, yogurt, and baby food (any kind on meat). You can make it as thin as you need to. Try offering it with a spoon. I will warn you that the baby food will make the poop stink! [​IMG] The mixture saved my bird though. Good luck. [​IMG]
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    Mar 22, 2010
    how many days ago did this happen? she may be in some pain right now and food may be difficult for her to take, that injury looks like it might involve her jaw? I don't think I would force her mouth open just yet. Get some electrolyte solution from the feed store and put it in her water at least she will get those nutrients into her, I bet she is in shock too from the attack. You need to reinforce your coop if you have not done so already, that predator will be back for another easy meal. keep her quite and separated from the others until she heals, she does not need the other hens bugging her right now, I hope she gets better, fingers crossed
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    IMO it's rare for a chicken to survive a weasel attack. Generally chickens don't stand a chance. It's not suprisingly a neck wound because that's where they attack, typically sucking their victims blood. In addition to the previous suggestions, have you found a wound? It will need to be cleaned, and possibly bandaged to minimize infection. Best wishes and she's a lucky chicken.
  5. chicken_lady

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    May 22, 2009
    She was attacked 13 days ago. Another hen was killed, neck injury, no blood. The night before that one hen was mutilated. I've had chickens for 2 years now and nothing had gotten into the coop before so at first I thought the other chickens had done it.

    I think it was a coon now. I caught one 2 nights after the attack but idk what that really says... I caught 2 before that and have seen another one or two. I'm still baiting the trap but what ever is going after the bait must be very big because the trap keeps ending up a long distance from where I set it. Regardless, the coop appears to be secure now, no more losses (with only 3 healthy hens left : (

    she actually looks much better now. Below are pics I took the day after.


    That black spot behind her left eye in the first pic in this thread is the only wound I have found... guessing tooth/teeth.
    I have washed her up a couple times but she absolutely hates it, of course,, especially water on her head.

    I have seen her open her mouth, yawning? many times so at least I know it works.. not that it's not painful for her. It really is amazing to me she is still alive.

    This morning I mushed up an egg yolk with Gatoraid and used a kids med dropper to try to force something in her. she seemed to like it but still wouldn't open up wide. I did that for about 10 minutes then put another egg yolk, scratch, pellets, grit and shell down for her and she started eating! Not a ton, but it was like I reminded her she had to eat. She is still mostly sleeping. I moved the water and food closer to her a while later and she drank some. I guess she would be dead by now if she wasn't eating more than I think? But she has lost so much weight and that's my biggest fear that she's not eating / drinking enough.

    I'm getting some plain yogurt later today she didn't like the strawberry yogurt I tried last week. and maybe some bananas maybe she can eat them a little easier now...

    I'll keep at her. Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!

    ps idc how stinky her poo gets as long as she gets better!

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