Hen attacked by dog near its tail, making an odd noise


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Aug 12, 2019
Hello all! This is my first post. I’ve got 2 hens that I spoil to death that are around 1.5 years old and very healthy, good, solid birds. One is a cream legbar called ‘Peanut’ and yesterday my brothers horrible dog ran off while my they were visiting and not watching him and squeezed in the hens area (a HUGE lush garden / field area) he caught my hen by her butt apparently and ragged her all around, my brother heard the hen shouting like mad and got the dog off of her. I came home immediately and inspected her. She has a penny sized open gash on her rump that’s about 4mm deep from the dogs top teeth (and one sorry looking tail feather left on her butt) as for the bottom teeth incisions I can’t find anything but her leg has a decent sized black patch where it would have been, which I assume is bad bruising under the skin, she couldn’t put her leg down at a yesterday but she can hobble today and is using it a little more. I cleaned her back / butt wound up and slathered it in medical Manuka honey I had already got from the vets for another old hen injury a month back (an abscess) and since peanut has bare skin there now I stuck a plaster on to keep the flies away (she hates the plaster but it’s keeping any infection out hopefully) she’s eating and drinking really well, pooping well, she’s just not too mobile, she hobbled out and had a sunbathe & dust bath today (I’ve penned them in so she can’t go far while she heals) she’s managing to hop a foot or so up onto her roost too at night which is good.
The reason I’m concerned is this - I locked her up earlier and was sat outside the coop for a few minutes sorting the water dish out etc and I heard such a strange noise from inside their coop. It was similar to how an old neighbours telephone would sound if you heard it through a wall. It was as she exhaled I assume as it was regular and lasted about a minute until I spoke to her, then it stopped. Like riiiing... riiiing.. it wasn’t rattley or bubbly or anything scary, just really REALLY unusual & weird. Anybody else ever heard this noise? Should I be concerned!?

Side question!
Also I had antibiotics for my old hen (Fanny’s) infected wound from last month (along with the honey) but she only lasted that day and had one treatment of it before she died, she was too old to fight it I guess. But she’s the same size as peanut, could I use the antibiotics on her if I needed to or not?
Thanks to anyone who reads & replies!!
These are my antibiotics I have. She’s so perky today, she laid a damn egg this morning, much to my surprise and she’s walking on her bad leg almost normally. The one tail feather is up too. Just gotta monitor the wound now
There’s only one livestock vet near me, I think he said this is a relatively new antibiotic, probably why there is no info on BYC about it yet.


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Also thank you for replying! :hugs

I’ll take a photo in a couple of hours when I have someone to hold her as she’s a very flighty hen and hates me messing with her
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That is about the best antibiotic that you can get for infection, although just cleaning the wound with antiseptic and applying plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment to it twice a day might be enough. There is an unknown egg withdrawal for enrofloxacin, so if you use it, I would wait at least a minth to eat the eggs. Can you post any pictures of the wound?
Wow!! That’s excellent news! Thank you!
Would you give her the antibiotic regardless of if she seems ok? She seems perfectly normal today but who knows what’s going off inside her? I’ll go get some of the ointment now and as I’m applying it I’ll snap a photo of the wound too. I was applying Manuka honey to seal / heal it but I ran out of it this morning.
Back soon
I asked my partner to take the photo before I saw to her and he had his thumb over the camera.. of course he did. So I’ll have to take one tomorrow as she’s avoiding me big time now. I re-cleaned it up with warm salt water. I’ve been to the normal vets and the pharmacy and got told at the pharmacy that Neosporin is discontinued and I can’t buy antibiotic cream without a doctors prescription anyway. I called up the local ‘normal’ vet clinic and she says ‘we don’t sell an antibiotic cream’ wth? & I’d have to take the hen in even they don’t specialise in poultry but they’d still look at her. So I’ve put some antiseptic / antibacterial cream on until I get the good stuff just to keep it as clean as I can, I’m gona try & order the Neosporin online (I’m in the UK)

Now I have another issue. The enrobactin antibiotic I have is confusing me. When the livestock vet gave me it he said to give my old hen 0.3ml twice a day but didn’t say I had to dilute it first! So I just gave her what was on the printed label and she had one dose and died the morning after. Now, I’ve been reading the instruction leaflet and it says it MUST be diluted 4 parts water to one part antibiotic as it’s caustic when neat. I never got told that a month ago and gave it to my hen just as he said, which I now realise is probably what killed her.
So this time round -
It says 0.3ml twice a day. So.. does this mean 0.3ml plus 4 x 0.3ml of water and she has all this all in one go? Or mix one part antibiotic, and 4 parts water and use just 0.3ml of that mixture???
Actually, I doubt if the antibiotic not being diluted killed your other hen. 10% enrofloxacin is frequently used undiluted 0.25 ml twice a day for a 5 pound hen.

I would hold off on the antibiotic myself, just because of antibiotic resistance, but if she appears very sick or has signs of infection, go ahead and treat.

If you have savlon cream or chlorhexidene, you can use that on the wound. We have Neosporin here in the US, but it can be hard to buy in some countries.
Thank you. I’ll keep monitoring it and snap a pic when I clean it next. I really appreciate your advice :) I’ve not had hens very long and not had many problems to deal with so far (thank God)

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