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    We have an eleven week old puppy named Cookie. She's a boxer/collie mix, and weighs about 18 lbs. I went out to let the chickens out, and then came in to get her for her morning pee call.

    As Trouble, one of our BR hens, came around the edge of the barn, she let out this crazy growl-type sound and went straight at poor Cookie, who was diligently searching for that special place to do her business.

    Trouble ran at her, flogged her, and circled Cookie with her neck feathers flared. Cookie was appropriately horrified and ran like heck in my direction, Trouble right on her tail. She got Cookie twice with her beak, and this set Cookie into warp speed. I managed to get my foot out and stopped Trouble as she ran past me trying to keep up with Cookie. I picked Trouble up and let the terrified puppy back into the house.

    Trouble is back to free ranging, and Cookie has a couple bite marks on her hind-end. They skin isn't broken, but you can clearly see where she was bit.

    Now, I'm wondering if Trouble did me a favor. This poor puppy is sitting in the back of her kennel, moping. LOL. Maybe training her to not eat the chickens will be an easy task.

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    When I bred Dobemans I kept a rooster who would attack dogs, cats, hawks, snakes and some people. When the pups were young they were introduced to Mr. HotStuff. Those pups learned right quick to not mess with chickens. And so did the MIL cats!

    You story reminded me of Mr. HotStuff. Sounds like you have a Mrs. HotStuff!
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    I hope so!

  4. mangled

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    The puppy is indeed terrified of chickens, lol. A few of our hens like to peck at the glass on the door, and when Cookie saw the hens there, she practically tripped over herself backing away. Let's hope it lasts.

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    Flogging in itself will not keep pup from eating chickens later. That will require some imprinting and possibly your guidance. It will result in pup treating hens and chciks with difference that will reduce stress for all parties later on. My pup which is now approaching adult size yet submits to hens that growl or proceede to flog. The dog's submission the game hens seem to recognize and stop attack. Pup also learning how not to rile up hen with chciks so now many bitties can walk under him while feeding. This important to me as dog follows me about while I feed and stressing birds not desired. When pup is spunky or up to bowling for chickens, that is when he still gets flogged but no lasting damage and he will out grow it.
  6. mangled

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    She has been generally respectful of the birds, as I, too take her along as I feed the animals. Her mom is our farm dog and has never, at any time, harmed or laid teeth on any of our animals. Cookie will learn to submit the way her momma does, hopefully by following mom's example and taking our leadership.

    There's no place on this farm for an out of control dog.

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Quote:LOL! Bowling for chickens!

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