Hen Barely Using One Leg After Being Attacked by Dog


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Parthenon, Arkansas
hi... a neighbor's dogs jumped the fence into the large area where my chickens range and killed two and injured two. one injured hen is definitely improving so i'm not worried. the other one was slightly limping the afternoon of the attack (3 days ago) and yesterday was worse and today worse yet. she is not using the roosting bar but sleeps in the coop in the bedding. she is not laying. she can barely put weight on her right leg and spends most of the day laying down. she is still eating and drinking. the day after the attack she was walking much better, but what has me stumped is that she is getting worse with each day instead of better. logic tells me it's not a break or she would have not been able to walk right after the attack, but i don't know. is there anyone who has experience like this? are they likely to come back from this type of injury? based on the symptoms and timing of events above, would love feedback. bummed about my delaware girl.

I don't know but maybe she has a infection from the injury, I would look for swelling, or she if her leg is hot, might be worth getting her a antibiotic shot, I am sorry you are having to deal with this good luck, Shaun

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