Hen brooding in hot weather


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Jun 20, 2016
Our hen is brooding and the temperature is very hot - 90 degrees. She is in the coop which is in full sun. I've opened the doors to help but still concerned. Can the eggs get too hot? Any suggestions how to help her?
She'll take care of them. We've been in the mid to high 90s for a couple of weeks, and I've got six hens that are either sitting on eggs or raising chicks. The eggs have hatched fine (some are hatching now). The hens are panting and hovering rather than full on pancake mode, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the eggs hatching.

Just make sure they all have access to clean water.
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Thank you for the reassurance. We did end up putting a picnic table umbrella over the coop to help a little. And low and behold...chick #1 hatched this afternoon. So exciting!!!!
Can I ask another question of you? This is our first time with a hen hatching chicks. After that first chick hatched, she hasn't come out of the coop at all today. When will she bring the chick out to eat and drink? Should we put some food/water in the coop for her? Or just leave her to it? Really appreciate the help!
My hens usually bring their chicks off the nest 2 or 3 days after they hatch. That gives other eggs a chance to hatch, and the babies time to figure out how to use their legs. They don't need food or water for those first couple of days because they're still using up the nutrients from their yolks. You can put food and water close, it might encourage the hen to get up and move around and start teaching them to eat and drink :)
Awesome. Thanks for the help. She still has 6 eggs so we'll watch for her to come out with the babies this weekend.
Anyone use chickens to brood guinea hen eggs? Using my ROR who is happily seating on them. Should i seperate her from the other chickens? Thanks.

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