HEN: Butt is dragging ground

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    I have a hen, prod. red, she is from my very first org. flock when I first started chickens....I noticed that for the past week, she is dragging her butt, I mean low rider type, so that its even getting bare from dragging. She is eating good and drinking water good, she does have her mouth open like when they are hot and need air...my other in the flock do this on hot days. I grabbed her and checked her vent thinking maybe she was egg binded, no egg there, but her bottom are feels bloated, she is pooping.

    Now if she runs, she does lift it some a bit, any suggestions?
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    You may have to oil your finger and give her an internal, sometimes the egg is further up. Also, check for lice or mites around her vent.
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    If not an egg issue, I would say maybe she does have lice or mites as I know when dogs "behinds" itch, they rub the ground...maybe she's itchy?

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