Hen "crowing"?????


9 Years
Jan 11, 2011
Central Coast, CA
Ok forgive me if this is a totally stupid question. New chicken owner!!

So my easter egger hen I inherited has been crowing in the morning the last few weeks. It's definitely a she, she definitely lays eggs. ANd no its not as much of a crow as a roosters, but its still loud. I worry about it being obnoxious to the neighbors! We are allowed to keep chickens in my zone, but not roosters and basically as long as there aren't a lot of complaints with noise.

So what gives? Why do hens do this? Is it a dominance thing?
In the absence of a rooster the top hen will take over that role, sometimes including the crowing.
How fascinating! At least she isnt' doing it at all hours of the day and night...at least not yet
I'm pretty sure, its only aroudn 6 or 7 when they are all waking up and scratching out in the sand.

Haha definitely no sneaky roos. I only have three hens right now (besides the eggs I bought in the incubator). And i've seen her do it before whiel I'm drinking my coffee.
Resurrecting to ask more questions...

Any guesses how common it is? Would any hen in charge wihtout a rooster start doing this?

It seems to be getting more frequent, and I am fearful of my neighbors behind me starting to complain about Ms. Helga. I don't want to lose all ability to keep chickens. If I re-homed her would one of my other chickens start doing the same thing?
Interesting. I had some hens "try" to crow when we had roos learning to crow, but then they stopped.

When I just had all hens, none of them crowed, just the egg song.

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