hen disappeared for 2 wks, then back-- is she setting somewhere?


15 Years
Apr 20, 2007
Benton Twp., Michigan
Stella (BO) disappeared back in mid-May. I thought something had carried her off. Two weeks later, she was out in the yard, looking for food. I was glad to see her, but then she disappeared again. Since then, I've seen her 2 other times. I don't know for sure where she's going, but I suspect she's nesting under the coop. If another hen approaches her, she fluffs up and fans out her wing at them, just like a mother with babies.

If she hatches chicks in a few days, what will she do? Will she bring them out? I have a brooder ready for her but don't know if she'll use it. I suppose they're fairly safe under there, but I don't know how the other hens -- or the rooster -- will react.
Sounds like you are gonna have some babies soon!

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